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Affiliated Faculty

The Latin American Institute provides an institutional base of support for UCLA's community of faculty Latin Americanists in more than thirty disciplines and professional fields in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, fine arts, and professions who conduct research and teach on Latin America and its role in the world.

These scholars have an international reputation for the excellence of their research, teaching, publications and service. A group of approximately 70 faculty members devote the major part of their research and teaching activity to Latin America, advise Latin American Studies students, and server on Interdepartmental Degree committees. Their contributions to the Latin American Institute include committee service, fundraising, hosting guests, and moderating public programs.

African American Studies

Ugo Edu

Keywords: Gender, Public Health, Brazil, Science, Medicine, Racism


Jemima Pierre

Keywords: African Diaspora

H. Clark Barrett

Keywords: Latin America, Ecuador, Amazonia, Venezuela

Carole Browner

Keywords: Latin America, Comparative Latin America

Jason De León

Keywords: Mexico

Christopher Donnan

Keywords: Peru, Andean Region

Justin Dunnavant

Keywords: Archaeology, African Diaspora, Black Atlantic, Caribbean

Molly Fox

Keywords: Latin America, Women's Studies, Mexico

Linda Garro

Keywords: Mexico

Allen Johnson

Keywords: Latin America, Labor, Cultural Anthropology, Social anthropology

Richard Lesure

Keywords: Mexico, Central America, Ecuador

Jessica Lynch

Keywords: Biological Anthropology, Environment, Amazonia

Norma Mendoza-Denton

Keywords: Education, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics, Children and the Family, Latinos in the US

Dwight Read

Keywords: Mexico

Shannon Speed

Keywords: Africa, Latin America, Politics, Development, Brazil, Social anthropology , Biological Anthropology, African Diaspora, Mexico, Comparative Latin America

Charles Stanish

Keywords: Archaeology, Peru, Bolivia, Andean Region

Thomas Wake

Keywords: Archaeology, Caribbean


Rodrigo Valenzuela

Keywords: Art, Chile

Art History

Cecelia Klein

Keywords: Mexico

David Kunzle

Keywords: Latin America, Art, Art History, Cuba

Stella Nair

Keywords: Andean Region

Thiago Sevilhano Puglieri

Keywords: Brazil, Art History, Archaeology

César E. Chávez Department of Chicana/o and Central American Studies

Laura Chávez-Moreno

Keywords: Education, Racism

Leisy Abrego

Keywords: Central America, Immigration

Karina Alma

Keywords: Latin America, Central America

Eric Avila

Keywords: Latin America, Mexico

Judith F. Baca

Keywords: Mexico

Maylei Blackwell

Keywords: Latin America, Mexico

Floridalma Boj Lopez

Keywords: Los Angeles, Immigration, Racism

Helen Burgos-Ellis

Keywords: Latin America, Mexico

Hector Calderon

Keywords: Mexico

Alicia Gaspar De Alba

Keywords: Mexico

Audrey Harris

Keywords: Gender, Film, Literature, Mexico

Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda

Keywords: Mexico

Reynaldo Macias

Keywords: Education, Language

María Cristina Pons

Keywords: Mexico, Argentina

Martha Ramirez-Oropeza

Keywords: Mexico

Robert Chao Romero

Keywords: Mexico

Otto Santa Ana

Keywords: Mexico

Abel Valenzuela

Keywords: Mexico

Charlene Villaseñor Black

Keywords: Latin America, Mexico

Chris Zepeda-Millán

Keywords: Latin America, Immigration

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Miguel Garcia Garibay

Keywords: Mexico

Comparative Literature

Efraín Kristal

Keywords: Peru

David Geffen School of Medicine

Elizabeth Barnert

Keywords: Human Rights, El Salvador, Immigration

Ines Boechat

Keywords: Brazil, Medicine, Women's Studies, AIDS

Edwin L. Cooper

Keywords: Mexico

Judith Currier

Keywords: Gender, Brazil, AIDS

Jaime G. Deville

Keywords: Health, Medicine, Peru

Patrick Dowling

Keywords: Mexico

David Hayes-Bautista

Keywords: Mexico

Reza Jarrahy

Keywords: Latin America, Guatemala

Jorge Lazareff

Keywords: Latin America, Medicine

Karin Nielsen

Keywords: Brazil

Michael A. Rodríguez

Keywords: Health, Medicine, Comparative Latin America, Immigration

Debora Sobreira

Keywords: Brazil

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Malcolm Gordon

Keywords: Ecuador

Henry Hespenheide

Keywords: Costa Rica

Nathan Kraft

Keywords: Brazil, Environment, Ecuador, Amazonia, Costa Rica

Park Nobel

Keywords: Latin America, Mexico

Thomas B. Smith

Keywords: Africa, Latin America, Environment, Ecuador

Arthur Winer

Keywords: Latin America, Public Health

Felipe Zapata

Keywords: Latin America, Environment


Ariel Burstein

Keywords: Latin America

Daniel Haanwinckel

Keywords: Economics, Labor

Arnold C. Harberger

Keywords: Latin America, Mexico, Chile

Hugo Hopenhayn

Keywords: Economics, Latin America, Comparative Latin America

Juliana Londoño-Vélez

Keywords: Economics, Latin America, Argentina, Colombia

Rosa Matzkin

Keywords: Economics, Latin America, Econometrics, Comparative Latin America

Rodrigo Pinto

Keywords: Economics, Brazil, Poverty Reduction, Mexico

Bernardo Silveira

Keywords: Economics, Brazil, Econometrics

Aaron Tornell

Keywords: Economics, Latin America, Economic Theory, Mexico


Elizabeth DeLoughrey

Keywords: Environment, Caribbean

Marissa K. López

Keywords: Latin America, Literature


Jesús Guzmán

Keywords: Mexico

Steven Loza

Keywords: Latin America, Brazil, Music, Mexico, Cuba

Anthony Seeger

Keywords: Brazil

Gender Studies

Joshua Javier Guzmán

Keywords: Los Angeles, Gender

Elizabeth Marchant

Keywords: Comparative Latin America


Stephen Bell

Keywords: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay

Judith Carney

Keywords: Geography, Africa, Gender, UCLA, Globalization, African Diaspora, Women's Studies, Environment, Black Atlantic, Agricultural Development, Mexico

Thomas Gillespie

Keywords: Mexico, Central America

Hartmut Walter

Keywords: Brazil, Mexico, Central America


Andrew Apter

Keywords: Africa, History, Cultural Anthropology, African Diaspora, Black Atlantic

Robin Derby

Keywords: Latin America, African Diaspora, Black Atlantic

Robert A. Hill

Keywords: Africa, Latin America, Religion, History, African Diaspora, Cuba, Caribbean

Peter James Hudson

Keywords: Latin America, History, African Diaspora, Caribbean, Racism

Kelly Lytle Hernandez

Keywords: Los Angeles, Mexico, Immigration, Immigration Laws & Enforcement

Katherine Marino

Keywords: Latin America, Gender

Elizabeth O'Brien

Keywords: Public Health, History, Medicine, Women's Studies, Mexico

Glenn Penny

Keywords: Latin America, History, Comparative Latin America, Immigration

Fernando Pérez Montesinos

Keywords: Environment, Mexico

Carla Pestana

Keywords: History, Caribbean

William Summerhill

Keywords: Brazil

Kevin Terraciano

Keywords: Latin America, History, Mexico

James W. Wilkie

Keywords: Globalization, History, Mexico, Bolivia


Pamela Munro

Keywords: Mexico, Paraguay

Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics

Larry Simpson

Keywords: Brazil


Arturo O'Farrill

Keywords: Latin America, Music, Mexico, Cuba

Walter Ponce

Keywords: Latin America, Mexico, Comparative Latin America


Cesar Favila

Keywords: Music, Mexico

Elisabeth Le Guin

Keywords: Music, Mexico

Tamara Levitz

Keywords: Cuba

Political Science

Matt A. Barreto

Keywords: Politics, Latinos in the US

Barbara Geddes

Keywords: Development, Southern Cone

Anthony Pagden

Keywords: Latin America, Comparative Latin America

Margaret Peters

Keywords: Politics, Globalization, Immigration

Raymond Rocco

Keywords: Mexico, Central America, Costa Rica


Tiffany Brannon

Keywords: Latin America, Racism

Patricia M. Greenfield

Keywords: Development, Children and the Family, Mexico

School of Education and Information Studies

Patricia Gándara

Keywords: Education, Mexico

David G. García

Keywords: History, Immigration, Theatre

Sylvia Hurtado

Keywords: Latin America, Education, Mexico

José Felipe Martínez

Keywords: Latin America, Education

Lucrecia Santibañez

Keywords: Education, Language Proficiency, Immigration

Daniel Solorzano

Keywords: Mexico

Carlos Alberto Torres

Keywords: Latin America, Politics, Education, Brazil, Sociology, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba

Concepcion Valadez

Keywords: Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay

School of Nursing

Maria Elena Ruiz

Keywords: Health, Mexico, Latinos in the US

Social Welfare

Rosina Becerra

Keywords: Mexico

Tatiana Londoño

Keywords: Public Health, Mexico, Central America, Immigration, Latinos in the US

Amy Ritterbusch

Keywords: Outreach, Human Rights

Carlos Santos

Keywords: Education, Children and the Family, Racism


César J. Ayala

Keywords: History, Agricultural Development, Cuba, Caribbean, Racism

Rubén Hernández-León

Keywords: Latin America, Mexico, Immigration, Migrations

Cecilia Menjívar

Keywords: Gender, Law, Children and the Family, Central America, Immigration, Migrations

Vilma Ortiz

Keywords: Sociology, Mexico, Latinos in the US

Andrés Villarreal

Keywords: Public Health, Immigration, Racism, Emigration

Roger Waldinger

Keywords: Immigration, Migrations, Emigration, Assimilation, Integration, Citizenship, National identity

Spanish and Portuguese

Patricia Arroyo Calderón

Keywords: Latin America, Gender, Film, History, Literature, Central America

Adriana Bergero

Keywords: Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay

Greg Cohen

Keywords: Film, Brazil, Argentina

Verónica Cortinez

Keywords: Film, Literature, Argentina, Chile, Southern Cone

Jose Cruz-Salvadores

Keywords: Comparative Latin America

John Dagenais

Keywords: Latin America, Comparative Latin America

Luz María De La Torre

Keywords: Ecuador

Juliet Falce-Robinson

Keywords: Mexico

Randal Johnson

Keywords: Latin America, Film, Brazil

Ji Young Kim

Keywords: Language, Language Proficiency, Linguistics

Patrícia Lino

Keywords: Brazil

Jorge Marturano

Keywords: Cuba

Victoria Mateu

Keywords: Latin America, Language Proficiency, Linguistics

José Luiz Passos

Keywords: Brazil

Susan Plann

Keywords: Immigration

A. Carlos Quícoli

Keywords: Brazil

Rodrigo Ranero

Keywords: Language, Linguistics, Guatemala

Jimena Rodríguez

Keywords: Latin America, Literature

Carla Suhr

Keywords: Outreach, Linguistics

Stephen "Kip" Tobin

Keywords: Latin America, Literature, Mexico

Jesus Torrecilla

Keywords: Mexico

Maarten Van Delden

Keywords: Latin America, Mexico

Maite Zubiaurre

UCLA Anderson School of Management

Felipe Caro

Keywords: Latin America, Chile

Sebastian Edwards

Keywords: Latin America, Mexico, Chile

Bernard Herskovic

Keywords: Economics, Economic Theory

Edward Leamer

Keywords: Economics, China, Economic Theory, Econometrics, Mexico, Argentina

Christopher Poliquin

Keywords: Brazil

Eduardo Schwartz

Keywords: Latin America, Comparative Latin America

UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

Julia Bailey

Keywords: Public Health, Health, Medicine

Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez

Keywords: Brazil, Mexico

James Macinko

Keywords: Public Health, Brazil

Anne Pebley

Keywords: India, Tibet, Guatemala

Samuel Stratton

Keywords: Public Health, Health, Immigration

Bonnie Taub

Keywords: Mexico, Guatemala, Uruguay

Jane Valentine

Keywords: Public Health, Health, Environment, Mexico

Arturo Bustamante

Keywords: Mexico

UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment

Victor H. Narro

Keywords: Los Angeles, Labor, Immigration

Gaspar Rivera Salgado

Keywords: Labor, Mexico, Immigration

Janna Shadduck-Hernández

Keywords: Mexico

UCLA School of Law

Joseph Berra

Keywords: Human Rights, Central America, El Salvador, Immigration

Maximo Langer

Keywords: Latin America, Argentina

S. Priya Morley

Keywords: Africa, Canada, Gender, Human Rights, Law, Mexico, Haiti, Immigration, Racism, Migrations

Peter L. Reich

Keywords: Religion, Law, Mexico

Richard Steinberg

Keywords: Latin America, Law

UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

Felipe Cervera

Keywords: Singapore, Mexico, Theatre

Kristy Guevara-Flanagan

Keywords: Gender, Film, Latinos in the US

Chon Noriega

Keywords: Mexico

Jose Luis Valenzuela

Keywords: Mexico

Edit Villarreal

Keywords: Mexico

Urban Planning

Amada Armenta

Keywords: Mexico, Immigration, Racism

Stephen Commins

Keywords: Africa, Gender, Development, India, Globalization, Human Capital Development, NGO, Poverty Reduction, Governance, Mexico

Susanna Hecht

Keywords: Geography, Latin America, Development, Brazil, Mexico, Central America, Bolivia

Veronica Herrera

Keywords: Latin America, Comparative Latin America

Paavo Monkkonen

Keywords: China, Japan, Mexico

Michael Storper

Keywords: Economics, Development, Brazil

Chris Tilly

Keywords: Latin America, Mexico, Comparative Latin America

World Arts and Cultures/Dance

Donald J. Cosentino

Keywords: Africa, Dance, Art, Religion, Humanities, Language, Literature, African Diaspora, Black Atlantic, Cuba

David Delgado Shorter

Keywords: Latin America, Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Mexico

Alex Ungprateeb Flynn

Keywords: Latin America, Art, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina

Patrick Polk

Keywords: Haiti