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Visiting Scholars and Visiting Graduate Researchers

As the top-ranked public university in the United States, UCLA attracts visiting scholars and graduate researchers from around the world who come to build relationship with our globally-recognized faculty, conduct research in the country's sixth-largest research library, and acquaint themselves with one of world's most iconic, exciting cities.

UCLA provides a vibrant scholarly community with unparalleled library resources for scholars who study Latin America. Our location in Los Angeles offers spectacular weather, a beautiful natural setting, vast linguistic and cultural diversity, and one of the largest Latin American and Latinx populations in the U.S.

We are thrilled that you are considering spending time with us at UCLA. The LAI assists visiting scholars in a variety of ways, both prior to and during their visits. Assistance includes:

1) Facilitating contact with Latin Americanist faculty at UCLA and government, business and community institutions in Southern California.

2) Letters of invitation for use with funding agencies in your home country and during the visa application process.

3) Assistance locating housing. (Procuring housing is largely your own responsibility, but we are happy to offer advice about neighborhoods, commutes, and housing websites.)

4) Assistance obtaining your Bruin Card, library privileges, WiFi access, and other campus services.

Since we have many scholars who wish to come to UCLA, we have a few basic requirements that you should meet prior to submitting an application.

1) A current affiliation with a university or other academic, government, or cultural institution in your home country.

2) The sponsorship of a UCLA faculty member willing to vouch for your research.

3) If you do join us as a visiting scholar, the payment of an administrative fee to LAI in the amount of $300 for each academic year (September-August) you are at UCLA. 

Here are the scholars who we are currently hosting:

Félicien De Heusch

Keywords: Migrations

Olga Gonzalez-Silen

Keywords: Venezuela

Alexandre Pires

Keywords: Geography, Gender


To apply to become a visiting scholar in the Latin American Institute, fill out the form linked here. You will need a copy of the photo page of your passport, a research proposal, your CV, and proof of financial support or personal resources.

Application Form

Upon notification that your application has been accepted, you may pay the applicable fees at the link below. 

Visiting Scholar/Graduate Researcher Fees:

First academic quarter (3 months): $2,065

Each subsequent quarter: $1,015

Payment Form