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Jimena Rodríguez

Associate Adjunct Professor
Department: Spanish and Portuguese
5318 Rolfe Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1532
Campus mailcode: 951532
Keywords: Latin America, Literature

Jimena N. Rodríguez joined the Department of Spanish and Portuguese in 2012. Her research interests include Latin American colonial texts, particularly sixteenth and seventeenth century chronicles and narratives of exploration; sea travel narratives; oceanic studies and mobility studies. She is the author of Conexiones Trasatlánticas: Viajes medievales y crónicas de la Conquista en América (Colmex 2010) and Escribir desde el océano. La navegación de Hernando de Alarcón y otras retóricas del andar por el Nuevo Mundo (Iberoamericana 2018). She has coedited four volumes of collected essays in colonial literature and culture as well. She won the Lya Kostakowsky Hispanic American Essay Award in 2018 and was a nominee for the UCLA Chancellor’s Awards for Postdoctoral Research (2010). In 2016 her project Escribir desde el Océano was selected to participate in the National Endowment for the Humanities Institute Program at the Newberry Library. Current projects include a compilation, edition and study of the Hernán Cortés expedition to Las Hibueras and a series of public digital lectures named El mar y sus metáforas that proposes to consider the ocean as a cultural, literary, and historic space.