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Patrick Polk

Department: World Arts & Cultures/Dance
Box 951608
Kaufman Hall, Suite 173
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1608
Tel: 310-206-8171
Keywords: Haiti

Patrick A. Polk's primary research interests focus on folk religion, material behavior, popular culture, and urban visual traditions.

His publications include "Haitian Vodou Flags(1997), "The Cast-Off Recast: Recycling and the Creative Transformation of Mass-Produced Objects" (co-edited, 1999), "Arte y Estilo: The Lowriding Tradition" (co-edited, 2000), "Botanica Los Angeles: Latino Popular Religious Art in City of Angels" (2004), and the forthcoming "Conjurers, Healers, and Hoodoo Doctors: Readings on African-American Magic and Folk Medicine.

Among the exhibits he has curated are "Sequined Spirits: Contemporary Vodou Flags" (1996), " Cruisin,' Stylin,' and Pedal-Scrapin': The Art of the Lowrider Bicycle" (1998), "Muffler Men, Munecos and Other Welded Wonders: Folk Art from Automotive Debris" (1999), and "Botanica Los Angeles: Latino Popular Religious Art in City of Angels."