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Carla Suhr

Continuing Lecturer
Department: Spanish and Portuguese
345 Portola Plaza
5310 Rolfe Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Keywords: Outreach, Linguistics

Carla Suhr joined the Spanish and Portuguese Department at UCLA in 2016 after finishing her PhD at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Professor Suhr focuses her academic work on the integration of culture, language, and cognition as a way to improve cross-cultural communication and inclusive teaching.

She directs the Community-Engaged Learning Program and teaches Spanish Linguistics and Service-learning courses in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, from which she emphasizes the positive learning outcomes attained from connecting students with the community. In 2022, she received the UCLA URW Faculty Mentor Award for her mentorship for undergraduate students involved in community-engaged research and sociolinguistic justice projects.

Professor Suhr also cofounded UCLA EPIC Inclusive Gatherings, whose mission is to provide an open space for educators to learn about issues of inclusivity and their related best pedagogical practices. Her current area of research is within the cognitive sciences, specifically on conceptualization processes and how this understanding enables us to 1) dismantle the existing links between language and identity and 2) acquire cognitive strategies as a valuable tool for Second Language Acquisition.