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GCPI Tsinghua 2018 –High-Level Dialogue Panel I 1/7

This video records part one of seven of the forum’s first panel, “High-Level Dialogue I: Philanthropy, Innovation, Research and Education.” Ronne C. Chan and Anla Cheng talk about their philanthropic objectives and the projects of which they are most proud. (10 minutes, 9 seconds)

0:00-0:31 (Brian T. Hervey) [English]
Introduces Christopher Marquis.

0:31-3:55 (Christopher Marquis) [English]
Introduces panel participants: Ronnie C. Chan, Chairman, Hang Lung Properties; Anla Cheng, Founder & CEO, SupChina; John Long, Founder & CEO, Highridge Partners; Dezhi Lu, Chairman, Hongkang Life Insurance; Chairman, Huamin Charity Foundation; Tao Zhao, Chairman, Shandong Buchang Pharmaceuticals; Vice President, China
Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association.

3:55-4:07 (Christopher Marquis) [English]
Poses the first question to the panel: What are your philanthropic objectives? What are you most proud of?

4:07-7:52 (Ronnie C. Chan) [English]
Discusses his contributions to helping restore parts of the Forbidden City and to helping young classical musicians establish their careers.

7:52-10:09 (Anla Cheng) [English, Chinese]
Cheng discusses her interest in giving to endeavors that advance a better understanding between Chinese and American societies.
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