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GCPI Tsinghua 2018 –High-Level Dialogue Panel I 5/7

This video records part five of seven of the forum’s first panel, “High-Level Dialogue I: Philanthropy, Innovation, Research and Education.” Lu Dezhi and Tao Zhao comment on how China’s 2016 Charity Law will strengthen philanthropy in the PRC.

0:00-2:33 (Lu Dezhi) [Chinese]
Lu continues his comments beginning in part four that the 2016 Charity Law will help to strengthen philanthropy in the PRC.

2:33-3:04 (Christopher Marquis) [English]
Marquis asks a follow up question, which the audio does not capture clearly.

3:04-4:47 (Lu Dezhi) [Chinese]
Lu responds that personal relationships are instrumental in promoting and perfecting philanthropy in America and China, and that these relationships will help facilitate better US-China relations.

4:47-5:17 (Christopher Marquis) [English]
Marquis reiterates his original question, directing it this time to Tao Zhao.

5:17-9:40 (Tao Zhao) [Chinese]
Tao discusses China’s tradition of philanthropy during the imperial period and its legacy today. He believes that the Charity Law, coupled with the PRC’s rule of law, will support philanthropy at the local level and improve China’s tradition of giving. He comments that China’s recent tradition of giving has developed very quickly, since beginning of the Reform Era.

9:40-10:09 (Christopher Marquis) [English]
Marquis asks the next question, which is cut off by the video. How can Chinese and Chinese Americans work together more effectively….
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