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GCPI Tsinghua 2018 –High-Level Dialogue Panel I 6/7

This video records part six of seven of the forum’s first panel, “High-Level Dialogue I: Philanthropy, Innovation, Research and Education.” Panelists discuss the importance of trans-Pacific relationships in facilitating philanthropy. Ronnie C. Chan stresses the importance of conferences such as the GCPI Tsinghua Forum in facilitating introductions and conversations among Chinese and Chinese American philanthropists. Anla Cheng discusses her involvement in the China Institute, and how it has contributed to expanding access to modern medicine, education, and disaster relief. John Long remarks on the need for academics to make sense of philanthropic trends across different geographies.

0:00-0:09 (Christopher Marquis) [English]
Marquis asks: How can Chinese and Chinese Americans work together more effectively?

0:09-4:00 (Ronnie C. Chan) [English]
Chan comments that these types of forums and conferences are important in facilitating introductions and conversations among philanthropists from different countries. Chan notes that mainland Chinese philanthropists already work very well together, whereas he believes American philanthropists tend to work more independently.

4:00-7:01 (Anla Cheng) [English, Chinese]
Discusses the mission and activities of the China Institute, and is role in increasing access to modern medicine, education, and providing disaster relief.

7:01-8:57 (John Long) [English]
Discusses the importance of academics in bridging the gap between philanthropists in different geographic regions.

8:57-9:31 (Christopher Marquis) [English]
Asks the panels final question: What are some of the future trends in mainland Chinese philanthropy?

9:31-10:09 (Lu Dezhi) [Chinese]
Lu begins speaking, but the video cuts off before he can get into the substance of his comments.
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