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GCPI Tsinghua 2018 –High-Level Dialogue Panel I 2/7

This video records part two of seven of the forum’s first panel, “High-Level Dialogue I: Philanthropy, Innovation, Research and Education.” John Long discusses his personal background and why he decided to establish the Long Institute. Lu Dezhi then discusses his professional and academic backgrounds. (10 minutes, 9 seconds)

0:00-4:38 (John Long) [English]
Discusses background and what brought him to philanthropy.

4:38-5:10 (Christopher Marquis) [English]
Introduces Tao Zhao, who arrived late.

5:10-9:38 (Lu Dezhi) [Chinese]
Discusses professional and academic backgrounds.

9:38-10:09 (Tao Zhao) [Chinese]
Begins speaking, but video cuts out before he can make any substantial comments.
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