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GCPI Tsinghua 2018 –High-Level Dialogue Panel I 3/7

This video records part three of seven of the forum’s first panel, “High-Level Dialogue I: Philanthropy, Innovation, Research and Education.” Tao Zhao discusses his interest in giving to medicine as a means to improve individuals’ relationship with the state and society. Christopher Marquis poses his second question, asking the panelists to discuss the importance of philanthropy directed towards education. Ronnie C. Chan begins by framing the tiers of philanthropic giving. (10 minutes, 9 seconds)

0:00-8:38 (Tao Zhao) [Chinese]
Zhao discusses how the Wenzhou earthquake inspired his interest in philanthropy and medicine. Zhao learned that paying for children’s surgery could dramatically alter the trajectory of young people’s lives. As he learned more about the medical needs of Chinese people in general, he discovered that many of his compatriots, especially those in areas such as Tibet and Qinghai, lack access to modern medicine and medical facilities, and that improving this access could have a significant impact on these individuals’ relationship with the state and society more broadly. Philanthropy, for Zhao, helps to improve social stability.

8:38-9:25 (Christopher Marquis) [English]
Asks English-speaking panelists to discuss importance of philanthropy directed towards education.

9:25-10:09 (Ronnie C. Chan) [English]
Chan comments that when affluent individuals consider philanthropy they generally progress through a hierarchy, which starts with relieving human suffering. When local society appears to suffer less, philanthropists then turn toward education, especially higher education.
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