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About the Burkle Center

Director and Staff

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Alexandra Lieben
Deputy Director

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Margaret Peters
Associate Director

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Samantha Sorin
Program Manager


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Haroon Azar
Senior Fellow

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Jerrold Green
Senior Fellow

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Dalia Dassa Kaye
Senior Fellow and Director, Initiative for Regional Security Architectures

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Benjamin Radd
Senior Fellow

Faculty Advisory Board

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John Agnew
Distinguished Professor

Image for Edward Leamer

Edward Leamer
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

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Margaret Peters
Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Chair of the Global Studies

Image for Etel Solingen

Etel Solingen
Tierney Chair in Peace and Conflict Studies; Chair of Burkle Center Faculty Advisory Board

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Arthur Stein

Image for Alex L. Wang

Alex L. Wang
Professor; Co-Director, Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment

2024-25 Interns

Image for Mariam Ally

Mariam Ally
Undergraduate Intern

Image for Narod  Arisian

Narod Arisian
Undergraduate Intern

Image for Reina Cooper

Reina Cooper
Undergraduate Intern

Image for Isabelle Germain

Isabelle Germain
Undergraduate Intern

Image for Ashley Hiti

Ashley Hiti
Undergraduate Intern

Image for Julianne Khoury

Julianne Khoury
Undergraduate Intern

Image for Lana Kobayashi

Lana Kobayashi
Undergraduate Intern

The Generation Editorial Team

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Grace Funk

Image for Madeline Abellera

Madeline Abellera
Staff Writer

Image for Charlie  Donlan

Charlie Donlan
Staff Writer

Image for Lucine  Ezkian

Lucine Ezkian
Staff Writer

Image for Jade Faircloth

Jade Faircloth
Staff Writer

Image for Seamus Kim

Seamus Kim
Staff Writer

Image for Chaitanya Kishore

Chaitanya Kishore
Staff Writer

Image for Leena Musharbash

Leena Musharbash
Staff Writer

Image for Joey Sinigiani

Joey Sinigiani
Staff Writer

Image for Tracy  Tawil

Tracy Tawil
Staff Writer

Our Mission

The Burkle Center fosters research on and promotes discussion of international relations, U.S. foreign policy, and complex issues of global cooperation and conflict. We bring the brightest minds in these fields to UCLA and encourage faculty and students to explore and shape debate.

History and Activities

Created in 1979, the Center sponsors conferences, lectures, and other events that bring world leaders and internationally renowned scholars to UCLA and to the Los Angeles community; runs the Burkle Global Impact Initiative, a program designed to activate the entertainment industry to engage more deeply and effectively with global policy, humanitarian, and advocacy issues; funds research and courses on international affairs; hosts Senior Fellows, sponsors a renowned and highly competitive internship program; administers fellowships and scholarships; and provides podcasts and videos of Burkle Center events that raise awareness and shape debate about important issues in international relations.