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Dalia Dassa Kaye

Senior Fellow and Director, Initiative for Regional Security Architectures

Dalia Dassa Kaye is currently a senior fellow at UCLA’s Burkle Center for International Relations and directing its Initiative for Regional Security Architectures. In 2020-2021 she was a visiting scholar at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC. Kaye served as the director of the Center for Middle East Public Policy at the RAND Corporation from 2012-2020 and as a senior political scientist at RAND since 2005. Before joining RAND, she lived in The Netherlands where she was an international affairs fellow at the Dutch Foreign Ministry, a visiting professor at the University of Amsterdam and a research scholar at The Netherlands Institute of International Studies. Kaye began her academic career as a professor of political science and international affairs at The George Washington University. A life member of the Council on Foreign Relations and recipient of many other awards and fellowships, she is a frequent public speaker and commentator on international affairs and Middle East policy in a wide range of media outlets. Kaye is the author of two books, Talking to the Enemy: Track Two Diplomacy in the Middle East and South Asia and Beyond the Handshake: Multilateral Cooperation in the Arab-Israeli Peace Process, as well as numerous journal articles, op-eds, and RAND studies.


Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. in Political Science, University of California, Berkeley

Arms Proliferation and Control, International Diplomacy, Iran, Israel, Middle East, Persian Gulf Region

Selected Journal Articles, Book Chapters and Policy Papers:
“A Helsinki process for the Middle East? Key questions for mobilizing cooperative security in a changing region,” Chatham House (September 2022)

“America’s Role in a Post-American Middle East,” The Washington Quarterly (Spring 2022)

“A New Israeli Approach to Iran?” Survival (Spring 2022)

“America Is Not Withdrawing from the Middle East,” Foreign Affairs (December 2021)

“Reverse Engineering: Can revival of the nuclear deal with Iran spark a new regional security dialogue?” The Wilson Quarterly (Winter 2021)

“Israel’s Evolving Iran Policy,” (with Shira Efron) Survival (August-September 2020)

“Saving Transatlantic Cooperation and the Iran Nuclear Deal,” (co-author with experts from Chatham House, IFRI, RAND and SWP), SWP Comment (February 2018) 

“The Limits of Iranian Power,” (with Michael Wahid Hanna) Survival (September 2015)