Applying for a Visiting Appointment


UPDATE: Our Center is currently accepting a limited number of new applicants for 2024-2025. Please contact your prospective UCLA faculty sponsor first to obtain approval before contacting us. 

The application deadline is May 1st of each year. All application materials must be submitted to Center staff by May 1st. Appointment start date is typically on the first day of Fall quarter instruction (Usually on the last Thursday of September).


Scholars working on projects related to China/Hong Kong/Taiwan and the Chinese people may apply for a position as a Visiting Scholar (VS) with the Center for Chinese Studies. Graduate students with a concentration on China and the Chinese people may apply for a position as a Visiting Graduate Researcher (VGR).

The term of appointment is normally one year. At present, available resources in the Center do not provide funding for visitors.


Application Process

J-1 Visa Requirements
Please read through the document and financial requirements for obtaining a J-1 visa on UCLA Dashew Center’s website. (
Dashew Center will issue a DS2019 form "Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status" which the prospective visitor takes to a US Embassy/Consulate to apply for J-1 visa.
Please also read the instructions for how to fill out the DS2019 Request form and prepare supporting documents.



There is a $100 application fee (non-refundable) for each applicant to begin the process.

$470 - DS-2019 Application Fees

$55 - Dependent Fee (Per person)

$1,200 - CCS Visiting Scholar (Per Quarter)             

$900 - CCS Visiting Graduate Scholar Service (Initial Quarter) 

$500 - CCS Visiting Graduate Scholar Service (Additional Quarter, Per Quarter) 

Important Note: Every center and department on UCLA campus charges different fees. Please understand that when you apply with us, you are agreeing to paying the above-listed fees. You are free to apply with any other unit at UCLA or apply with another University if you do not wish to have an appointment with our center.


Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars are senior scholars and distinguished visitors who have a doctoral degree or the foreign equivalent and who hold an appointment comparable to that of UCLA faculty, and are usually on temporary leave from their universities or research centers. They serve as senior researchers, collaborate on research projects and publications with faculty members, and pursue independent research.

Ordinarily, Visiting Scholars are self-supported, or have adequate support funds from sources outside the University and are considered peers of the faculty.

Endorsement by a Member of the UCLA Chinese Studies Faculty
A prerequisite for applying for a Visiting Scholar/ Visiting Graduate Researcher appointment is that a potential visitor secure the endorsement of a member of the China studies faculty. Click here for a list of the faculty

Once an endorsement has been obtained and supporting document for DS2019 have been prepared, the applicant may email Assistant Director Esther Jou ( to begin the application process.

Visiting Graduate Researcher

Junior scholars and students currently enrolled in a degree program at their home institutions, with a concentration on China and the Chinese people, and who wish to visit UCLA to pursue independent research, usually in preparation of the doctoral dissertation, may apply for an appointment as a Visiting Graduate Researcher. 

Domestic junior scholars and students may apply directly to the Center once they have obtained the endorsement of a member of the UCLA China studies faculty. (See the section Endorsement by a Member of the UCLA China Studies Faculty, above.) Fees are the same as for Visiting Scholars (see above).

International students must also obtain the endorsement of a member of the UCLA China studies faculty (see above).
Click here for an application form and for information, including information on fees


Check-in Process at UCLA

Upon completion of application process and obtaining the J-1 Visa from your home country's United States embassy, please email the center's staff for an appointment time to check-in at the CCS office. You will need to check-in at the Dashew Center prior to your appointment time at CCS.


Visiting Graduate Researchers (VGRs) must additionally check in to the Graduate Division at 1255 Murphy Hall prior to your appointment time at CCS. Please bring the original, translated proof of registration that you uploaded to the online VGR application to the Graduate Division. You will not be able to receive a BruinCard and University ID number until all of the above steps are completed and you have received final approval from the Graduate Division.