Mission Statement

The Center for Chinese Studies promotes cutting-edge scholarship in all disciplines, fosters a research and teaching environment free from political and financial pressures, and makes the results of scholarly investigations available for use beyond academic circles. We aim to become the strongest institution for China scholarship in the Western hemisphere and to serve as an independent forum for dialogue on China’s past, present, and future.


About CCS

Founded in 1986, the UCLA Center for Chinese Studies has achieved distinction and an international reputation for excellence under the aegis of UCLA's International Institute. The academic force behind the Center's dynamism is its concentration on the core areas of research and teaching, and its strong focus on developing outstanding graduate programs. During its first twenty years, the Center has recruited stellar faculty members, and graduate enrollment has increased to over 125 students campuswide; The program offers unusual strength in a wide variety of disciplines and fields, including Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, Geography, History, Law, Linguistics, Literary Studies, Medicine, Political Science, and Sociology. In addition, UCLA offers extensive coursework in classical and modern Chinese language and literature. Its Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library holds 260,000 Chinese volumes and maintains subscriptions to over 1,500 Chinese journals and newspapers.

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  • Yunxiang  Yan

    Yunxiang Yan
    Interim Director, Center for Chinese Studies
    Professor, Anthropology