Excavation at Yaowangcheng and Yuhui: Prehistoric Chinese Society during the Legendary Era

Talk by Liang Zhonghe, Institute of Archeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

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Chinese Archaeology in Global Perspective Lecture Series

Liang Zhonghe is the director of Shandong Team, Institute of Archeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He has directed many excavations in Shandong. His talk will highlights his recent excavations at two important sites of late third millennium BCE. Protected by three enclosures, the Yaowangcheng site (4 sq. kilometers) in the coastal region of Rizhao, Shandong was the largest settlement center during the Longshan period. Its excavations reveal evidence for social stratification, political experimentation, and extensive contact with other Longshan centers which contributed to the formation of an elite culture that predates the first Bronze Age state in China. The excavation at the Yuhui site in central Anhui revealed a ritual complex site associated with the sacred landscape of Mt. Tu in the middle Huai River Basin. Rich evidence for feasting activities around a polychrome platform with sculpted surface attest to to ritual gatherings from an extensive network of prehistoric communities at this culturally significant natural place. Liang's work on these sites will shed light on aspects of prehistoric Chinese society at the eve of state formation.

The lecture will be delivered in Chinese with English commentaries by UCLA archaeologists.

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Published: Monday, April 10, 2017