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Statistical Abstract of Latin America

— An essential source for quantitative research on Latin America

Editor: James W. Wilkie

The annual Statistical Abstract of Latin America (SALA) publishes current reliable statistics on the societies, economies, and politics of Latin America and guides users to additional quantitative publications and statistical sources on the region.

SALA compiles and presents data from some 250 national and international sources for twenty Latin American countries. To meet the needs of analysts interested in global or comparative studies, SALA also includes regional and world totals, as well as selected data for non-Latin American countries. In many instances, the abstracted data are compiled from several sources, published and unpublished, and reconfigured data to produce new statistical tables unavailable elsewhere. To facilitate historical research, statistics are presented in time series covering several years or decades whenever possible.


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Industrial Development and Labor Markets in the United States–Mexico Border
Alejandro Mungaray, Sonia Lugo Morones, and Noé Arón Fuentes, editors

183 pp., 76 tables, bibl.
978-0-87903-267-8 Paper $23.95 Available Now. SALA Supplement Volume 14

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The Rise of the Professions in Twentieth-Century Mexico
David E. Lorey

University Graduates and Occupational Change since 1929
Revised edition; 232 pp., 56 tables, bibl.
0-87903-257-X Paper $21.95 Available Now. SALA Supplement Volume 12

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United States-Mexico Border Statistics since 1900
Edited by David E. Lorey

512 pp., bibl., index
0-87903-251-0 Hard Cover $145.00 Available Now. SALA Supplement Volume 11

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Latin American Population and Urbanization Analysis
Richard W. Wilkie

Maps and Statistics, 1950-1982
456 pp., 153 tables, 17 figures, 203 maps, 59 photos
0-87903-247-2 Paper $27.50 Available Now. SALA Supplement 8