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This webinar features new research on Mesoamerica by 3 teachers and 4 advanced students of the Nahuatl language. Presentations will be in Nahuatl, Spanish, and English or a combination of the 3 languages.

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Since 2015 the UCLA Latin American Institute (LAI) has collaborated with the Instituto de Docencia e Investigación Etnológica de Zacatecas (IDIEZ) in Mexico to teach Nahuatl at UCLA. Native speakers of Nahuatl teach a variant of the language spoken today in the Huasteca region of Veracruz. UCLA offers three years of language instruction to undergraduate and graduate students at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels--nine courses in all. The LAI shares costs with the Latin American Centers at Stanford University and the University of Utah in an alliance to promote the study of Nahuatl in the western United States. Our centers hold annual conferences, organize pedagogical workshops for teachers, and provide funding for special projects related to the learning of Nahuatl language and culture. This first panel of Nahuatl Conference 2020 features the research of Abelardo de la Cruz de la Cruz, Alberta Martinez, and Eduardo de la Cruz, all Nahuatl instructors at IDIEZ.


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