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Southeast Asia Faculty

UCLA faculty with specializations on Southeast Asia

Stephen Acabado Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, Department of Anthropology

Jade Alburo UCLA Charles E. Young Research Library

Supa Angkurawaranon Asian Languages & Cultures

Paul Barber Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Joanna Barrkman Fowler Museum at UCLA

Victor Bascara Asian American Studies Department

Robert L. Brown Art History

Quyen Di Chuc Bui Asian Languages & Cultures

Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns Asian American Studies Department

Michelle Caswell Information Studies

Roger Detels School of Public Health, Epidemiology

Nenita Domingo Asian Languages & Cultures

George Dutton Asian Languages & Cultures

Christopher Erickson UCLA Anderson School of Management

Lieba Faier Geography

Daniel Fessler Anthropology

Jenjit Gasigitamrong Asian Languages & Cultures

Gilbert Gee School of Public Health, Community Health Sciences

Jessica Gipson School of Public Health, Community Health Sciences

Kian Goh Urban Planning

Pamina Gorbach School of Public Health, Epidemiology

Patrick Heuveline Department of Sociology

Douglas Hollan Anthropology

Helga Leitner Geography

Robert Lemelson Anthropology

Min Li Asian Languages & Cultures, Anthropology, Archaeology

Li Li School of Public Health, Epidemiology

Gyanam Mahajan Asian Languages & Cultures

Robert M. McCann UCLA Anderson School of Management

Thu Ba Hoai Nguyen Asian Languages & Cultures

Thu-huong Nguyen-vo Asian Languages & Cultures, Asian American Studies Department

Ninez Ponce School of Public Health, Health Policy and Management

Helen Rees Ethnomusicology

Sarah Roberts Information Studies

Geoffrey Robinson Department of History

Michael L. Ross Political Science

Michael Salman Department of History

Manisha Shah UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

Eric Sheppard Geography

Sanjay Subrahmanyam Department of History

Jasmine Trice UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

I Nyoman Wenten Ethnomusicology

Juliana Wijaya Asian Languages & Cultures

Djoko Walujo Wimboprasetyo Ethnomusicology

Damon Woods Department of History

Kie Zuraw Linguistics

Asia Pacific Faculty Directory

UCLA Faculty with research and teaching interests on Asia, listed by regional specialization:

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