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Program on Central Asia
Photo: Ronan Shenhav, "Journey through time," via Flickr
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Taiwan Studies Program
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Mission Statement of the Center
Sam Morrison, "Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo, Japan," via Flickr


News & Announcements

Op-Doc: "Island in Between"

S. Leo Chiang reflects on his relationship with Taiwan, the United States and China from the islands of Kinmen, just a few miles from mainland China.

UCLA Supports Research by the Next Generation of Taiwan Studies Scholars

Since 2014, the Taiwan Studies Lectureship (TSL) program has awarded fellowships to students in a diverse range of fields, including Asian languages and cultures, American Indian studies, anthropology, archaeology, comparative literature, education, ethnomusicology, geography, history, Near Eastern languages and cultures, sociology, theater, and world arts and cultures.

2024 CCS Workshop for International Youth

The CCS Workshop on July 4-5, 2024 will feature a keynote speech, two lecture courses, the guided tour of the National Central Library of Taiwan, Taiwan's characteristic cultural and educational institutions, museums, etc., focusing on the theme of Chinese calligraphy and painting.

New Documentary Film: "Back to Our Land 找路的我們"

The documentary film "Back to Our Land 找路的我們" takes the audience on an emotional journey with a group from the Tayal village of Sqoyaw as they seek to rediscover their ancestral homeland, Srasit.