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Japan Faculty

UCLA faculty with specializations on Japan

Hitoshi Abe Architecture and Urban Design

George Abe

Tomoko Bialock UCLA Charles E. Young Research Library

William Bodiford

Robert Buswell Asian Languages & Cultures

Michelle Liu Carriger

Michael Darby UCLA Anderson School of Management

Torquil Duthie Department of Asian Languages & Cultures

Michael Emmerich Asian Languages & Cultures

Lieba Faier Geography

Russell Ferguson Department of Art

Katsuya Hirano Department of History

Eishi Ikeda Asian Languages & Cultures

Jeffrey Inaba Architecture and Urban Design

Shoichi Iwasaki Asian Languages & Cultures

Sanford Jacoby UCLA Anderson School of Management

Yumiko Kawanishi Asian Languages & Cultures

Kristopher Kersey

Marvin Lieberman UCLA Anderson School of Management

Seiji Lippit Department of Asian Languages & Cultures

William Marotti Department of History

Paavo Monkkonen Urban Planning

Yoko Nogami Asian Languages & Cultures

Mariko Sakakibara UCLA Anderson School of Management

Gregory Schopen Asian Languages & Cultures

James W. Stigler Psychology

Asako Hayashi Takakura Asian Languages & Cultures

Mariko Tamanoi Anthropology

Michael Thies Political Science, Global Studies, International and Area Studies

Sharon Traweek Department of History, Department of Gender Studies

Junko Yamazaki

Wei-Hsin Yu Department of Sociology

Lynne Zucker Department of Sociology

Asia Pacific Faculty Directory

UCLA Faculty with research and teaching interests on Asia, listed by regional specialization:

All Asia Faculty

Central Asia




Southeast Asia

South Asia