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Click Here to read a statement by UCLA's Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Darnell Hunt, and UCLA's Vice Provost for International Studies and Global Engagement, Cindy Fan, affirming support for the UCLA Y&S Nazarian Center and all international academic engagement and area studies centers. Click Here to read the article "Investing in knowledge: The imperative for increased support for Israel studies and Jewish studies programs" by Ilai Z. Saltzman and Maxine Grossman.


Photo for 6th Annual Undergraduate Scholars Conference...
6th Annual Undergraduate Scholars Conference in Israel Studies (2024)
Monday, June 17, 2024
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (Pacific Time)


The Hill – From terror to liberation: The strategic rebranding of Hamas

May 10, 2024: An article by the Center's Israel Institute Fellow, Dr. Tamar Hofnung, is published in The Hill.

The New York Times – How Republicans Echo Antisemitic Tropes Despite Declaring Support for Israel

May 9, 2024: Professor Dov Waxman is interviewed for an article published by The New York Times.

The Los Angeles Times – ‘Are you a Zionist?' Checkpoints at UCLA encampment provoked fear,...

May 9, 2024: The Center's Goldstine Undergraduate Fellow, Rachel Burnett, is quoted in an article published in The Los Angeles Times.

The Nation – The Mob Attack on UCLA's Protest Encampment

May 8, 2024: Center scholar Professor David Myers is interviewed for The Nation's podcast Start Making Sense.

Religion News Service – Controversial antisemitism bills are passing, and not only in the US...

May 8, 2024: Professor Dov Waxman is quoted in an article published by Religion News Service.


"Israel in Depth" Podcast Ep. 29
Photo for Holocaust Remembrance Day: How &...

Holocaust Remembrance Day: How & Why Israel's Commemoration of the Holocaust Has Changed Over Time | Prof. Avinoam Patt

In this episode, posted on Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), Professor Dov Waxman and Professor Avinoam Patt from NYU discuss the relationship between Israel and the Holocaust, the ways that Israel's commemoration of the Holocaust......


Welcome to the Y&S Nazarian Center for Israel Studies at UCLA. Israel is a small country that looms large in public and academic discourse. The passions it evokes often present obstacles to nuanced analysis and civil discussion. Understanding the complexities of modern Israel requires knowledge from many academic disciplines and an awareness of multiple viewpoints and narratives. Through a commitment to academic rigor, interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship, and... (read more) 


Abstract Submissions Open: Undergraduate Israel Studies Conference
The deadline to submit an abstract for the UCLA Y&S Nazarian Center's online 6th Annual Undergraduate Scholars Conference in Israel Studies is May 31st, 2024. The conference will be held on June 17th, 2024.

More Info & Submit Your Abstract.

Scholarships to Study in Israel
Apply for the UCLA Nazarian Center's and the Israel Institute's scholarships to study abroad in Israel! Students can apply for and receive scholarships from both organizations.

UCLA Nazarian Center Scholarships.

Israel Institute Scholarships

Center-Sponsored Courses at UCLA
The UCLA Y&S Nazarian Center's sponsored courses for Spring 2024 have been announced on the UCLA Registrar's Schedule of Classes. Learn More & Enroll

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Photo for From Terror to Liberation: The...
From Terror to Liberation: The Strategic Rebranding of Hamas

The Center's Israel Institute Fellow, Dr. Tamar Hofnung, publishes her article in The Hill.

Photo for Israel After October 7
Israel After October 7

Haaretz–UCLA Y&S Nazarian Center 2024 Conference

Photo for Scholar Articles & Interviews
Scholar Articles & Interviews

This list of articles and media interviews featuring Nazarian Center scholars has been compiled as a resource for understanding the Israel–Hamas War.