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Zack Ritter

Undergraduate Intern
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Zack graduated from UCLA in 2008 with a major in History and went on to received an MEd in Student Affairs, MA in Higher Education, and PhD in Higher Education from UCLA in 2013. He has conducted research on Singapore's Education System and completed his dissertation on East Asian International Students' Experiences with Cross-Racial Interaction at UCLA. He assisted the Burkle Center by reaching out to international and domestic students living on campus. He is now the Director of Academic Support and Career Services at American Jewish University. He has also participated in New Ground, a Muslim-Jewish cross-cultural fellowship, and helped create the inter-faith intergroup dialogue at UCLA. He is also interested in current affairs, politics, and the role of the student-citizen, as illustrated in his help creating the new Current Events Fiat Lux in the Civic Engagement Department at UCLA.