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Sophie Zane

Undergraduate Intern

Hello, bonjour, hallöchen! My name is Sophie Zane and I am a junior double majoring in International Development Studies and French. I am not just passionate about social justice, but it is something I center at the heart of my academic and professional goals–my inspiration has always been to create bottom-up change with and for the people around me.

I enjoy doing research in public policy. As an intern for the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania, I co-authored a literature review about the sustainability of think tanks in Africa, challenges facing them, and policy recommendations moving forward. In my recent role at Yale's Center for Policing Equity, I helped to research better practices for law enforcement, measure racial bias in policing, and create new programs and content to keep our communities safer. I hope to either attend law school to become a human rights attorney or pursue a Ph.D. in political science. One day I aspire to work at a think tank and/or do non-profit work.

Some of my interests include immigration, labor rights, and reparations; and in my free time, you can find me learning languages, knitting, or baking!