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Penn Scoble

Undergraduate Intern

Penn is a fourth year History and French double major at UCLA. After graduating this coming year, he hopes to get a law degree or pursue a graduate degree in History or International Relations. Penn’s background in History has helped him develop perspective on the intricacies of relations among countries. Penn sees few career paths more worthwhile than devoting his energy towards formulating resolutions to ongoing conflicts through applying lessons from the past. He hopes his experience at the Burkle Center will help him decide if a career in foreign affairs is right for him. Outside of his time at the Burkle Center, Penn has served as part of the UCLA Financial Literacy Workgroup, helped formulate the UC-wide 2013 Cost of Attendance Survey, and has worked as a summer intern at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens. In his free time, Penn loves reading Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, writing, and playing the international game (soccer).