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Lilia Rizk

Undergraduate Intern

Lilia Rizk is a fourth year, double majoring in Political Science and International Development Studies. She is an international student from Casablanca, Morocco, so being from a developing country has fueled her interest in international development, and her background and education have shaped her interest in international relations and foreign policy. At this moment, she is still unsure of what her future plans are, but she is hoping to eventually go back to Morocco and be a diplomat, or somehow contribute to Morocco's foreign affairs department. Before she does that, however, she is interested in getting a Masters Degree in international relations, and is currently in the process of applying to schools in France and Switzerland. At the Burkle Center, she is a general intern. Lilia is grateful for the opportunity to work as a Burkle Center intern because it provides her with direct exposure to international relations. She is hoping the internship will teach her more about the field she is so passionate about.