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Cyberwarfare: Emerging Issues in International Criminal Law

Cyberwarfare: Emerging Issues in International Criminal Law

A panel discussion with international and human rights legal experts.

Friday, February 4, 2022
12:15 PM
UCLA School of Law, Room 1347

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As news media report potential Russian cyberattacks on infrastructure in Ukraine, the potential of cyberoperations to have disastrous effects is increasingly apparent. In what circumstances might cyberoperations qualify as international crimes? Can cyberattacks amount to acts of aggression, and what do cyberwar crimes look like?

In August 2021, a council of advisers convened by the permanent mission of Liechtenstein to the United Nations issued a report on the application of the International Criminal Court statute to cyberwarfare.

Join the panel’s chair and two of its members, along with expert commentators from academia and civil society, to discuss how international criminal law can deal with these emerging threats.



Christian Wenaweser, Permanent Representative of Lichtenstein to the UN; Former President, ICC Assembly of States Parties; Convenor, Council of Advisers on the Application of the Rome Statute to Cyberwarfare

Charles Jalloh, Professor of Law, Florida International University; International Law Commission; Ecocide Drafting Panel; Council of Advisers for the Report on the Application of the Rome Statute to Cyberwarfare

Richard Dicker, Founding Director, International Justice Program at Human Rights Watch

Lindsay Freeman, Technology, Law and Policy Director, UC Berkeley Human Rights Center

Moderated by Kate Mackintosh, Executive Director of the Promise Institute for Human Rights; Co-deputy chair of the Ecocide Drafting Panel; Council of Advisors for the Report on the Application of the Rome Statute to Cyberwarfare 

Introduction by: Jennifer Mnookin, Dean of UCLA School of Law; Ralph and Shirley Shapiro Professor of Law; Faculty Co-Director, PULSE (Program on Understanding Law, Science & Evidence)


*Limited box lunches will be available.



This event is hosted by the UCLA Promise Institute for Human Rights and co-sponsored by the International & Comparative Law Program at UCLA Law, the Institute for Technology, Law and Policy at UCLA Law, the Burkle Center for International Relations at the UCLA International Institute, and the Emmett Institute for Climate Change and the Environment at UCLA Law.