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Seiji Lippit

staff picture

Associate Director; Professor, Asian Languages & Cultures

Department: Department of Asian Languages & Cultures
276A Royce Hall - Box 951540
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1540
Campus Mail Code: 154003
Phone: 310-825-5998
Email: lippit@humnet.ucla.edu

Keywords: Japan, Japanese Literature

Seiji M. Lippit teaches courses on modern literature and film. His research interests include modernism, mass culture, urban space, minority literature, as well as representations of decolonization, occupation, and the transformation of national consciousness in postwar Japan. His publications include Topographies of Japanese Modernism (Columbia UP, 2002), an examination of modernist fiction in 1920s and 30s Japan, as well as the edited volume The Essential Akutagawa (Marsilio, 1999), an anthology of writings by the celebrated writer Akutagawa RyĆ«nosuke. He also edited the translation of contemporary philosopher and cultural critic Kojin Karatani's History and Repetition (Columbia UP, 2011). He is currently working on a book project entitled Postwar Tokyo: Capital of a Ruined Empire that examines the cultures of decolonization in Tokyo in the wake of empire’s collapse. Lippit received his A.B. in Literature from Harvard University and his PhD in Japanese literature from Columbia University.