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移動之民:一點五代年輕移民在臺澳之間的適應與流動 (The Movement and Adaptation of Taiwanese One-and-a-Half Generation Migrants between Taiwan and Australia)

UCLA Taiwan in the World Lecture

移動之民:一點五代年輕移民在臺澳之間的適應與流動  (The Movement and Adaptation of Taiwanese One-and-a-Half Generation Migrants between Taiwan and Australia)


Lecture by Richard Hsu (徐榮崇), University of Taipei

Monday, November 6, 2023
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (Pacific Time)
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徐榮崇,現任臺北市立大學歷史與地理學系教授兼系主任。 曾任中華海外華人研究學會理事長。主要專長於移居澳洲、美國、加拿大、巴西台灣人的移居動機與華人性的形塑。近年來特別關注知識的結構、認知的歷程與華人性形塑的關係等相關議題,期望能增進對海外台灣人的理解。

Richard Hsu's research primarily uses the concept of transnationalism to explore how young 1.5-generation Taiwanese immigrants have adapted to life in Australia, and the impact of this experience on their decisions to return to Taiwan. In-depth interviews were conducted with 22 young Taiwanese immigrants living in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and the interview results were sorted into categories, including "adaptation to Australia", "the return process", and "experience after returning to Taiwan". A matrix was constructed to cross-analyze the influencing factors and a relational tree diagram was used to analyze the relationship between those influencing factors. Hsu found that the factors that influence the movement of young immigrants include: social environment, family, and individual factors at varying levels. The intersections between these factors makes the decision-making process a dynamic one that not only involves thinking on a transnational level but also considering the effect of social networks. Hsu's research uncovers new understandings of how Taiwanese 1.5-generation immigrants make decisions on whether or not to return and challenges traditional views on the definition of voluntary return migration.

Richard Hsu (徐榮崇) is Professor and Director of the Department of History and Geography at University of Taipei. He previously served as Chairman of the Society of Overseas Chinese Studies, R.O.C. Professor Hsu's research mainly specializes in the motivations of Taiwanese immigrants to Australia, the United States, Canada, and Brazil and the shaping of Chineseness. In recent years, he has paid special attention to related issues such as the relationship between the structure of knowledge and the process of cognition and the shaping of Chineseness, with the goal of enhancing current understandings of Taiwanese communities overseas. 

This lecture is presented as part of the UCLA Taiwan in the World Lecture Series and UCLA International Education Week. Please note that the lecture will be delivered in Chinese.

For questions about the event, please contact asia@international.ucla.edu

Sponsor(s): Asia Pacific Center