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Taiwan Huayu Bilingual Exchanges of Selected Talent (BEST) Program Short-Term Study Scholarship at National Taiwan Normal University

Funding for study of Mandarin Chinese at NTNU

Taiwan Huayu Bilingual Exchanges of Selected Talent Program (BEST)
Short-Term Study Scholarship 
at Mandarin Training Center (MTC)
National Taiwan Normal University

I. Eligibility
Current students from University of California, Los Angeles

II. Quota
20 students for short-term study (2 or 3 months)

III. Benefits
You will study at the Mandarin Training Center, National Taiwan Normal University. Scholarship recipients will receive TWD 25,000 (about US $900) per month. The scholarship awardees are required to participate in “NTNU Hand-in-Hand International Companion Program,” a service learning program.
IV. Application Deadlines
  • Spring term (Mar. 1-May 31): Jan. 15
  • Summer term (June 1-Aug. 31): Apr. 15
  • Summer session (July 1-Aug. 31): May 15
  • Fall term (Sept. 1-Nov. 30): July 15
  • Winter term (Dec. 1-Feb. 28): Oct. 15

V. Required Application Documents

  1. One Letter of Recommendation from a Chinese instructor (Please ask the instructor to write an email directly to MTC (Subject: Recommendation for Your Name)
  2. MTC application form (attached)
  3. An original or scanned copy of the student’s most recent university transcript
  4. A Study Plan: students should submit a study plan essay of 300-600 words (i.e. Students should elaborate on why they are interested in studying Mandarin Chinese, why have they chosen Taiwan, how long they plan on studying, and what they hope to gain from studying at the MTC.)
  5. Please send all documentation listed above, except for the Recommendation, by the deadline, in one email, to mtcadmission@mtc.ntnu.edu.tw (Subject: Your Name’s Application for NTNU scholarship)
VI. Contact Information
For general information about the MTC, please refer to our website: http://www.mtc.ntnu.edu.tw
Email: mtcadmission@mtc.ntnu.edu.tw
Tel: +886-2-77495130

Download file:Short-Term-Study-Scholarship-in-NTNU(UCLA)-ae-k1k.docx

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Published: Monday, June 7, 2021