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2020-2021 Asia Pacific Center Fellowship Recipients

Taiwan Studies Graduate Fellowships

Bradley Cardozo, Anthropology
Project title: “Climate Justice in Taiwan”

Mei-Chen Chen, Department of Ethnomusicology
Project title: “Safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage under Globalization: The Transmission and Practice of Traditional Performing Arts of Taiwan”

Edward Cleofe, Archaeology
Project title: “Taiwan Indigenous Landscape and History Project”

Yiming Ha, History
Project title: “Disciplining the Army: Military Institutions and Policy during the Yuan-Ming Transition”

Danielle Kalani Heinz, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology 
Project title: “Taiwan Indigenous Landscape and History Project” 

Philip Hsu, Asian Languages and Cultures
Project title: “Historiography in Qing and Modern Buddhist Monastic Gazetteers”

Bowei Hu, Sociology
Project title: “Homeownership Culture? Social Class and Household Debt in Taiwan”

Andrew Le, Sociology
Project title: “When All the Fish are Dead: An Environmental Disaster in Vietnam and its Effects in Taiwan”

Ruey-Ying Liu, Sociology
Project title: “Constructing Childhood through Social Interaction: A Comparative Longitudinal Study of Adult-Child Interaction in the US and Taiwan”

Iman Nagy, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Project title: “Taiwan Indigenous Landscape and History Project”

Brooke Bach-Táng Phan, Education
Project title: “What is a Global Citizen?: How School Teachers Teach and Students Learn Concepts and Themes of Global Citizenship Education in Taipei Taiwan”

Kun Xian Shen, Asian Languages and Cultures
Project title: “Transformed into Life: Politicizing Photos of the Deceased in Taiwan After Martial Law”

Taiwan Studies Faculty Fellowships

Stephen Acabado, Anthropology
Project title: “Community consultation: Taiwan Indigenous Landscape and History Project”

Hui-Shu Lee, Art History
Project title: “Reading Relational Art in Chinese Painting and Calligraphy: Emperor Lizong (r. 1224-64) and His Women”

Andrea Goldman, History
Project title: “The Frenchman and the Chinese Opera: Imperialism, Homoeroticism, and Transnational Masculinities, 1900-1950”

Wagatsuma Fellowships

Daniel Iwama, Urban Planning
Project title: “Unbecoming empire: Military land conversion in a resurgent Okinawa”

Toulouse-Antonin Roy, History
Project title: “The Japanese Empire Indigenous Peoples and the Making of Capitalist Taiwan 1895-1915”

Jacob Thomas, Sociology
Project title: “To Overstay or Not Overstay: Non-immigrant Visa Holder's Decision to Immigrate or Not Into Japan and the US”

Masayoshi YamadaHistory
Project title: “The Sound We Saw the Visions We Heard: The Making of Transpacific Solidarity through Jazz Listening in the Cold War Era”

Hyunjung ChiAsian Languages and Culture
Project title: “Managing the Distressed Mind in an Age of Anxiety: Psychiatric Knowledge and Practice in South Korea 1945-1980s”

J. Yang Scholarship

Yang Cheng Hu, Epidemiology

Yen Chun Wang, Archaeology

Shao-Hsuan Tseng, Law

Chu-Hsien Wang, Anderson School of Management

Wen-Hsin Chang, Applied Economics

Guan-Cheng Chen, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Yi-Chun Hung, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Ching Wen Lan, Public Health

Chia-Ying Tsui, Anderson School of Management

Li-Fan Wu, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Kai-Chi Chang, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Spencer Chen, Anthropology

Tzu-Chin Chen, ALC

Pei-Shan Chung, Bioengineering

Philip Hsu, ALC

Ken-Fu Liang, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Fang-Ru Lin, ALC

Yen-Ju Lin, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Kun Xian Shen, ALC

Yenwen Tseng, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Yun-Pu Yang, Theater

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Published: Friday, May 7, 2021