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2019-2020 Asia Pacific Center Fellowship Recipients

Taiwan Studies Lectureship Graduate Fellowships

Spencer Chen, Anthropology
Project title: “Socialization into Dubbing Ideologies: A Study of Voice-Acting Apprenticeship”

Philip Hsu, Asian Languages and Cultures
Project title: “Republican Period Buddhist Monastic Records at the Academia Sinica Libraries”

Tabatha Keton, American Indian Studies
Project title: “Indigenous Governance and the Influence of Settler Colonial Structures”

Ruey-Ying Liu, Sociology
Project title: “Socializing Children in Everyday Talk in the US and Taiwan: A Comparative Longitudinal Study”

Qiyu Lu, Asian Languages and Cultures 
Project title: “New Confucianism after 1949: Diasporic and Cold War Negotiations” 

Brooke BT Phan, Education
Project title: “Global Citizenship Education in Taiwan”

Taiwan Studies Lectureship Faculty Travel Grant

Andrea Goldman, History
Project title: “The Frenchman and the Chinese Opera: Imperialism, Homoeroticism, and Transnational Masculinities in China, 1900-1950”

UCLA-NTNU Taiwan Studies Graduate Fieldwork Fellowships

Xiao Chen, Art History
Project title: “Picturing Home: Xiao Yuncong (1596-1673) and the Making of Local Landscape in Seventeenth-Century China” 

Yiyang Hou, Asian Languages and Cultures
Project title: “'A Brighter Summer Day with Edward Yang”

Toulouse-Antonin Roy, History
Project title: “"The camphor question is in reality the savage question": The Japanese Empire Indigenous Peoples and the Making of Capitalist Taiwan 1895-1915” 

Kun Xian Shen, Asian Languages and Cultures
Project title: “Rebels of the Neon Goddess: Sinophonic Popular Music in Taiwan in the Global 1980s”

Yun-Pu Yang, Theater
Project title: “(Un)Progressive: Beijing Opera in Taiwan the Kuomintang Party and Temporality”

UCLA-NTNU Taiwan Studies Faculty Grant

Carlos Torres, Education
Project title: “Sustainable Development and Teachers Training. A comparison of NTNU model and UCLA model."

Hiroshi Wagatsuma Memorial Graduate Fellowships

Stefanie Matabang, Comparative Literature
Project title: “The Middle Ages of a Postcolonial Philippines: National and Medieval Filipino Identities After Spanish and American Conquest”

Yusuke Okubo, Epidemiology
Project title: “International comparisons of pediatric obesity healthcare utilization and physician practice patterns between the US and Japan using national representative database”

Hudson Spivey, Geography
Project title: “Cultures of Power: Energy Infrastructure and the Politics of Regional Development in Japan”

Gabriel Suchodolski, Sociology
Project title: “Grounds for development: Land titling policy implementation in Brazil and India”

Ngai Wan Yeung, Sociology
Project title: “One Country Two Systems of Cantonese Opera: Sustainability of Traditional Art in Hong Kong and Guangzhou”

Hiroshi Wagatsuma Memorial Faculty Grant

Katsuya Hirano
, History
Project: Trans-Pacific Workshop with Junko Yamazaki, ALC




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Published: Tuesday, November 19, 2019