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2017-2018 Asia Pacific Center Fellowship Recipients

Taiwan Studies Lectureship Graduate Fellowships

Siyu Cai, Geography
Project title: “China Goes Abroad: A case study of Chinese overseas investments in Taiwan”

Yeo Hoon Choi, Art History
Project title: “Landscape of Inner Alchemy: Golden Elixir School of Daoism and Chinese art in south China during the Southern Song through the Ming dynasties”

Andrew Le, Sociology
Project title: “The Forces Sustaining Migration: Vietnamese Fishermen and their Migrant Brokers in Taiwan”

Ja Won Lee, Art History
Project title: “Visualizing the Past: Collecting and Representing Chinese Antiques in East Asia”

Taiwan Studies Lectureship Faculty Travel Grants

Helen Rees, Ethnomusicology
Project title: “From Yunnan to Burma to Taiwan: Music of Yunnan's Migrants” 

Hongyin Tao, Asian Languages and Cultures
Project title: “A Comparative Study of Linguistic Communicative Strategies Across the Taiwan Strait”

Hiroshi Wagatsuma Memorial Graduate Fellowships

Jineng Choi, Asian Languages and Cultures
Project title: “Asian diaspora children in Brazil”

Rosaleen Rhee, Musicology
Project title: “Censoring Korea's Modern Folk Music Scene: Myeongdong 1968-1975”

Deborah Shin, Education
Project title: “Global Citizenship Education: Comparative Studies between U.S. and South Korea in Higher Education”

Hiroshi Wagatsuma Memorial Faculty Grant

Katsuya Hirano,
Project title: “Fourth Trans-Pacific Workshop: Wounds


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Published: Friday, March 9, 2018