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Center-Sponsored Courses at UCLA

Photo for Center-Sponsored Courses at UCLA

The UCLA Y&S Nazarian Center's sponsored courses for Spring 2024 have been announced on the UCLA Registrar's Schedule of Classes. Learn More & Enroll

Every year, the UCLA Y&S Nazarian Center for Israel Studies sponsors a variety of courses related to modern Israel in departments across campus. These courses qualify for the Israel Studies minor offered by the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and may qualify for other majors and minors. More information on the Israel Studies minor can be found on the Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Department website. Search for upcoming, Center-sponsored courses below.


Spring 2024 – Center-Sponsored Courses

Israel and Palestine on Screen: Film and Television from the Middle East

Film and Television (FILM TV) 188A – Special Courses in Film, Television, and Digital Media
Date & Time: M/W |1:00 PM – 2:20 PM
Instructor: Dr. Ethan Pack
Location: Melnitz Hall, Room 2586 B
Course Description: A survey of Israeli and Palestinian films, television series, and literature, from a land often defined by its depiction on screen. We will view groundbreaking films and shows that grapple with the most compelling issues in Israeli and Palestinian life today, including the impact of political violence and religious extremism. The course will consider the increasing prominence of Middle Eastern content on streaming platforms. We will discuss questions of adaptation between cultures and across genres, while examining how different forms of media respond to one another. Our material will explore the complex positions of Palestinians in both Israel and the Occupied Territories; the internal diversity of Israel’s Jewish immigrant communities; and the domestic dramas of Jerusalem, among many other compelling topics.


National Security versus Human Rights: Israel in Comparative Perspective

International Area Studies (I A STD) 160 – Selected Topics in International and Area Studies
Date & Time: M/W |3:30 PM – 4:45 PM
Instructor: Dr. Tamar Hofnung
Location: Public Affairs Building, Room 1246
Course Description: An examination of constant tension democracies face between protecting human rights and maintaining national security. By reviewing key theoretical approaches to analyzing this tension, study asks how security decisions are made and what considerations guide them; what social goals are advanced under name of national security; and what impact of using national security considerations is on strength of democracy. Israel used as case study. Study utilizes Israel's political and institutional structure, and its continuous dealings with external and internal threats, to highlight ongoing global trends.


For questions whether a course will count toward another major or minor, please consult your departmental Student Affairs Officer.

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