Hiring Employees

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When hiring a new employee the first step is always contacting the personnel office. They will help determine the job title, pay-rate, and arrange for applicable job postings.

Next, please complete and submit the online Hire Authorization Form.

Things to know about filling out a Hire Authorization form:

  • This form should be filled out when hiring a new employee. It is also to be used when updating appointment end dates, appointment percentages, title codes and pay rates of current employees.

To fill out the form, you will need:

  • The employee name and for existing UC employees either the UCLA ID number or the UCPath ID (there are many UC employees with the same name and this will ensure that we are hiring the correct person).
    When hiring a non-student employee who is new to UCLA, you may leave the id number blank.
  • You will also need the payroll title and pay rate that has been approved for this employee.
  • You will need to fill in the full accounting information regarding the fund source from which your employee will be paid. This includes the account number, cost center, fund number, project code, and sub. If you do not know this information, please contact the fund manager from your affiliated center before starting the form.
  • Next, please fill in the percentage of time (for exempt titles) or how many hours per week (for non-exempt titles).
  • Please indicate the appointment begin and end dates. This is how long you anticipate that the employee will be working. If changes occur and you will need the employee beyond the anticipated date, please resubmit the hire authorization form with the new end date. For hiring new career employees you may leave the end date blank.
  • For work-study positions please provide a brief description of duties. This will be used for posting work-study job advertisements. Please fill in the phone extension, room number, and building name of the person hiring the work-study student. This is information is required by the Work-Study Office for all positions. Also, please indicate the approximate number of hours per week you will need the student to work and how many quarters within the academic year the position will be needed. Please keep in mind that work-study students are limited to a total of 49% time for all combined appointments across campus. The student's work-study award will be revoked if this is exceeded.
  • For GSR's, TA's and Readers, please indicate the number of units the student is enrolled in or plans to enroll. This will determine if he/she qualifies for fee remissions. (For fee remission guidelines please refer to the graduate division link.) Please keep in mind that Graduate Students are limited to a total of 50% time for all combined appointments across campus without an approved letter of exception.
For: GSRs*