At The Event

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 Make sure to:

  1. Post signs around campus directing audience members and participants to appropriate buildings/rooms. 
  2. Post signs on the door(s) of the room where the event is being held.

Sign-up Sheet 

A sign-up sheet needs to be provided for all events.  This should include:

  1.  address
  2.  e-mail 
  3.  affiliation for all participants and audience members. 

You will need the information when submitting meal reciepts etc. to Accounts Payable for reimbursement.

Also, the information can be helpful in building a database of contacts for mailing lists.

Extra Reimbursement forms
Bring extra copies of the following forms to your event:

  1. UCLA Travel Voucher forms
  2. Statement of Citizenship forms 
  3. Statement of Academic Activity forms. 

It is often helpful to collect these forms and photocopy visas, if necessary, (see Travel and Reimbursement) at the beginning of the event. This keeps material from being misplaced or lost in the mail.


Make sure to arrange coverage of the event. This could include:

  1. Reporting
  2. Photo Ops
  3. Video recording 
  4. Audio-recording

 For more detailed information, please see the Event Publicity section.


Please see the Catering section for details. But don't forget water for the speaker!