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Photo for East-West Center

East-West Center

  • The East-West Center promotes better relations and understanding among the people and nations of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific through cooperative study, research, and dialogue. Established by the U.S. Congress in 1960, the Center serves as a resource for information and analysis on critical issues of common concern, bringing people together to exchange views, build expertise, and develop policy options.
  •  The Center is an independent, public, nonprofit organization with funding from the U.S. government, and additional support provided by private agencies, individuals, foundations, corporations, and governments in the region

Photo for The Centre for Asian Philanthropy...

The Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society (CAPS)

The Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society (CAPS) is a Hong Kong based research and advisory organization that identifies and disseminates best practices, models, policies, and strategies that can contribute to positive system change in the social investment sector across Asia.

Photo for The USC Center on Philanthropy...

The USC Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy

  • The Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy promotes more effective philanthropy and strengthens the nonprofit sector through research that informs philanthropic decision-making and public policy to advance community problem solving.

Photo for The Tsinghua University Philanthropy Institute...

The Tsinghua University Philanthropy Institute (Chinese only)

  • The Tsinghua University Institute for Philanthropy is a national-level think tank that was jointly established by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Tsinghua University. 
  • The Institute is committed to becoming a leader in philanthropy research and creating a hotbed for China's future philanthropic leaders. 
  • It is also actively contributing to the advancement of charity in China and the rest of the world through scientific research on the the nature, applications and relevant policies 

Photo for Sun Yat Sen University School...

Sun Yat Sen University School of Philanthropy

  • School of Philanthropy, Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) is a non-profit academic research institute formally established by Sun Yat-sen University.
  • The institute is based in Guangzhou 

Photo for Shanghai Academy Contemporary Philanthropy Research...

Shanghai Academy Contemporary Philanthropy Research Center (Chinese Only)

  • The Shanghai Academy Contemporary Philanthropic Research Center is a think tank that was jointly founded by the Shanghai Charity Foundation and Shanghai Academy in 2017.
  •  It is committed to the long-term development of China's modern philanthropy through the strengthening of modern philanthropy theory, personnel training, consulting services, as well as through facilitating inter-institutional cooperation and exchanges.

Photo for East China Normal University Institute...

East China Normal University Institute of Philanthropy

  • The East China Normal University Institute of Philanthropy and the East China Normal University Zijiang Philanthropic Center were established on January 12th 2017 in cooperation with the Shanghai Zijiang Public Welfare Foundation.
  • The institute will be involved in the development of philanthropic research, personnel training, policy consulting and facilitating academic exchanges and cooperation.

Photo for The Center for Philanthropy and...

The Center for Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility, Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology (Chinese Only)

  • The Center's main focus is conducting research and holding academic exchanges in the areas of strategic philanthropy, influential investment, corporate social responsibility, social innovation and social entrepreneurship.
  • One of its objectives is to build a research database which will include data based on first-hand interviews, independent research and ongoing case study tracking.

Photo for China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing...

China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing Normal University

  • The Beijing Normal University China Public Welfare Institute is the first public welfare institute in China. It was established by Beijing Normal University and Shanghai Jet Li One Foundation in June 2010 and is supported by the Lao Niu Foundation, Wanda Group, Yan Bao Foundation, Shenzhen One Foundation , Heren Foundation and other influential domestic foundations and enterprises.
  •  The China Public Welfare Institute conducts its work in four areas: public interest research and application, public welfare education and training, public interest exchange and advocacy, public consultation and service.

Photo for Harvard Ash Center: China Philanthropy...

Harvard Ash Center: China Philanthropy Project

  • Global Leaders in Philanthropy Program which will pursue a number of research projects -- including China's Most Generous, and a host of other research variables related to philanthropists and recipients. The Center will also convene a philanthropist workshop and an executive education program for foundation staff to disseminate the findings of such research.

For Philanthropists

Photo for Southern California Grantmakers: Philanthropy California

Southern California Grantmakers: Philanthropy California

  • Funded by the California Community Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, The Parker Foundation, The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation and the Weingart Foundation.
  • A statewide project, The Real Cost Project (now “Full Cost Project”), in partnership with Northern California Grantmakers and San Diego Grantmakers, explored how best to support grantmakers in developing new grantmaking practices based on what it really costs nonprofit organizations to deliver outcomes.

Photo for The Indiana University Lilly Family...

The Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

  • The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy is the world’s first school dedicated solely to the study and teaching of philanthropy.
  • The Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy seeks to increase the understanding of philanthropy and improves its practice worldwide through critical inquiry, interdisciplinary research, teaching, training, and civic engagement.

Photo for China Charity Alliance

China Charity Alliance

  • China Charity Alliance is a nationwide non-profit organization, committed to safeguarding the interests of the public and the philanthropic sector。
  •  The mission of China Charity Alliance is to unite charities, engage with all sectors of China's society, promote industry self-discipline and promote the overall development of the economy

Photo for China Global Philanthropy Institute

China Global Philanthropy Institute

  • China Global Philanthropy Institute was founded by five Chinese and US philanthropists, Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, Niu Gensheng, He Qiaonyu and Ye Qingjun.  
  • The institute is committed to building a knowledge system supporting the development of philanthropy in China and the world, and creating a professional think tank to lead the philanthropy development and promote the formation of a new philanthropic knowledge system.

For Professionals

Photo for The Vaid Group: The Apparitional...

The Vaid Group: The Apparitional Donor: Understanding and Engaging High Net Worth Donors of Color

  • Funded by Ford Foundation.
  • A landscape analysis to understand high net worth (HNW) donors of color, e.g. their priorities, interests and experiences.
  • The POC Donor Collaborative over the next two years, including interviewing 100 individual HNW people of color.