Sanja Lacan

Managing Editor, Heritage Language Journal

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Los Angeles, CA 90095-1411
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Keywords: Europe, Russia, European Union, Film, Human Rights, Media Studies, Science, History, Language, Literature, Cultural Studies

BA, Slavic Languages and Literatures, UC Berkeley
BA, Molecular and Cell Biology: Neurobiology, UC Berkeley
MA, PhD, Slavic Languages and Literatures, UCLA
               [Dissertation: “Narrative Re/Styling: Text and Fashion in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature and Culture”]

Research interests
19th-century Russian prose, journalism and media
19th-century cultural history of Europe and Russia
Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav film and literature
film and media studies
LGBT studies
masculinity studies
ethnicity and nationalism
translation theory and practice


Peer-reviewed articles
  • (2015) “Concealing, Revealing, and Coming Out: Lesbian Visibility in Dalibor Matanić’s ‘Fine Dead Girls’ and Dana Budisavljević’s ‘Family Meals’.” Studies in European Cinema, 12.3: 229-245.
    ** Republished 2017 in monograph Queer European Cinema: Queering Cinematic Time and Space. Ed. Leanne Dawson. London: Routledge.
    ** Included in 2016 digital collection Global Approach to LGBTQ.
  • (2004) “Variable effects of chronic subcutaneous administration of rotenone on striatal histology.” Journal of Comparative Neurology, 478.4:418-26 (with Chunni Zhu, Patrick Vourc'h, Pierre-Olivier Fernagut, Sheila M. Fleming, C.D. Dicarlo, Ronald L. Seaman, Marie-Françoise Chesselet).

Other publications

  • (2017) Translator. “On the Other Side” (an interview with Croatian film director Zrinko Ogresta).
  • (2010) “On Feeling, Filling, and Flying (Mad Men, Season 4.9).” Mad World on Kritik. (with Konstantine Klioutchkine).