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PEMSEA scholars conduct fieldwork in Agusan, Philippines

UCLA and Agusan del Sur State College of Agriculture and Technology forge a new partnership for climate change and indigenous landscape management research in the Philippines.

Los Angeles, CA - In a significant step towards enhancing global research efforts on climate change, indigenous landscape management, environmental history, and archaeology, UCLA and the Agusan del Sur State College of Agriculture and Technology (ASSCAT) have officially signed a Memorandum of Agreement. The virtual ceremony, held on February 22, 2024, marks the beginning of a promising collaborative venture between these two institutions. UCLA Vice Provost Cindy Fan and ASSCAT President Joy Capistrano signed the agreement. 

This collaboration is set to usher in a new era of international research partnership based on the research program of the UCLA Program for Early Modern Southeast Asia. By leveraging the unique strengths and resources of each institution, the agreement facilitates the sharing of resources, capacity building, and network building across continents. The partnership is designed to enhance the global understanding of critical issues such as climate change and the preservation of indigenous landscapes, while also enriching the academic and cultural exchanges between the United States and the Philippines.

The initiative underscores both UCLA's and ASSCAT's commitment to addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing our planet. Through this collaboration, the institutions aim to promote innovative research that will offer innovative solutions to climate change and contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and archaeological sites. As this partnership unfolds, it promises to set a benchmark for international cooperation in research and education, highlighting the critical role of global academic networks in promoting sustainable development and cultural understanding.

The virtual ceremonial signing was attended by individuals from both institutions. Among them were Stephen Acabado, Director of the UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies, and Dr. Joy Capistrano of ASSCAT. Their presence underscored the shared commitment to advancing academic and research excellence internationally.



The UCLA Program for Early Modern Southeast Asia funded 4 researchers - Earl John Cedo Hernandez (UCLA), Annabel Wolf (UC Riverside), Elizabeth Patterson (William Paterson University) and Karen Artiaga (Partido State University) - to conduct cave archaeology fieldwork with a team from ASSCAT in Agusan, Philippines in January 2024.

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Published: Monday, February 26, 2024