The following are the recipients of the 2014-2015 Southeast Asian Studies Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships.

Academic Year 2014-2015

1. Albert Agha, Ethnomusicology (Indonesian)
2. Mayumi Ajioka, Applied Linguistics (Indonesian)
3. Bradley Cardozo, Anthropology (Filipino)
4. Mya Chau, Art History (Vietnamese)
5. John Cranor, Urban Planning (Filipino)
6. Sean Kennedy, Urban Planning (Indonesian)
7. Caitlin Olson-Kenny, Urban Planning (Filipino)

 Summer 2015

1. Bradley Cardozo, Anthropology (Filipino)
2. Mya Chau, Art History (Vietnamese)
3. Lina Chhun, Gender Studies (Khmer)
4. Elizabeth Collins, French & Francophone Studies (Vietnamese)
5. Irrawaddy Lamouth, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (Khmer)
6. Marcie Lee, Asian American Studies (Hmong)
7. Michelle Sayaseng, Psychology (Thai)
8. Bessy Vang, Asian American Studies (Hmong)
9. Der Xiong, Asian American Studies (Thai)

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Published: Monday, June 15, 2015