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Visiting Scholars and Associates, 2007-2008

Names, institution and research topic of visiting scholars and associates at the UCLA Center for Korean Studies, 2007-2008.

Visiting Period
Research Topic
Han, Gi Jeong 12/15/07-12/14/08 Hanyang Woman's College Korean Traditional Garden Project in LA County Arboretum and Current Trends and Prospects of Facilities for the Elderly in Korea
Jeong, Su Yong 9/3/07-9/2/08 Seoul Metropolitan Government Relationship Between Democracy and Governmental Performance
Joo, Hong Woan 8/4/07-8/3/08 Yonhap News Agency New-media Environment and its Trend Between Korea and US
Kim, Jin Seon 1/1/08-12/31/08 Balim Dance Troupe Korean Traditional Dance in Korean-American Society
Kim, Yoonhee 2/1/08-1/31/09 Hannam University A Study of the Relationship Between Fashion and Culture in Contemporary Korea
Kim, Yeoul See 2/1/08-1/31/09 Korea National Defense University The Possibility of System Transformation in North Korea and South Korea's Strategy
Kye, Seung Bum 9/1/04-12/31/08 Postdoctoral Scholar Korea's Place in the East Asian World Order, 1400-1800
Lim, Choun-Tae 6/20/08-12/19/09 Institute for National Security Strategy Searching for a New Human Rights System to Solve North Korea's Human Rights Problems
Park, Byung Tae 2/20/08-2/19/09 Seoul High Court Environmental Laws and Pre-trial Litigation in Civil Procedure
Park, Gab-Tae 7/20/07-7/19/08 Northeast-Asia Policy Institute How to Develop the Two Koreas' Relationship Through Strengthening the US-Korea Alliance
Park, Young Jin 2/1/08-1/31/09 YTN Korean Broadcasting Media in the US
Roh, Hyekyung 9/1/07-8/31/08 Postdoctoral Scholar Comparative Study on the Manuals for Local Magistrates of Korea, China and Japan in the 18th Century
So, Shin Ae 5/1/08-10/31/09 Sogang University Phonological Study on the North Korean Dialects
Yoo, Yongwook 8/25/07-8/24/08 Postdoctoral Scholar The Palaeolithic Settlement in the Imjin-Hantan River Area, Korea

Published: Wednesday, January 30, 2008