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Visiting Scholars and Associates, 2005-2006

Names, institution and research topic of visiting scholars and associates at the UCLA Center for Korean Studies, 2005-2006

Visiting Scholar
Research Topic
Byung Goo Choi Korean Ministry of Culture & Tourism Asian/Korean Pop Culture and Entertainment Industry
Nak-Bok Choi Dong-A University Study on the Reality of Korean Education in the U.S.
Soo Young Jo Shimchang Company United States Financial Systems
Tae Suk Kihl Korea University Visual Reconstruction of the Goguryeo Dynasty's Mythology
Jiwon Kim Ewha Womans University Research on Korean Immigrants in the United States
In-Gyu Kim The Research Institute for International Affairs Research on North Korean Military's Roles and Functions at the Period of North Korea's Regime Shift
Hyo Kim Chung-Ang University Aesthetics of the Pansori: Through Comparison of Shin-myung to Catharsis
Mankyeong Noh Cheongju District Court Enforcement of Civil Judgment, Impact of Public Disclosure, and the Resolution of Environmental Disputes
Hyun Kuk Park Ryukoku University Research on the Ideal Korean Language Class
Yoshie Yamashita Meiji University Comparative Linguistics, with a special focus on Korean and Japanese
Jung-Suk Yang Yang & Jang Constitutional law, human rights, and feminist theories/laws

Published: Saturday, December 9, 2006