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Visiting Scholars and Associates, 2017-2018

Name, Institution and Research Topic of Visiting Scholars and Associates at the UCLA Center for Korean Studies, 2017-2018


Visiting Period


Research Topic


KANG, Heesun

01/01/17 - 12/31/18



Planning Studies of Public Rental Housing Community Facilities for the Activated Local


In Hye

09/01/17 - 08/31/18

Seoul National


North Korean Refugees' Adjustment Process in the USA and NGO's Global Networking for Supporting

PAIK, Hyewon

08/01/17 - 07/31/18

Chungnam National


Comparative Analysis of Topics to be Covered in Textbook on Korean Culture for Foreign Students




01/01/17 - 12/31/18

Peking University

A Comparative Study of the Education and Research of Korean Studies in China and the United States

KEUM, Bowoon (VGR)

03/25/17 - 03/23/18

Korea University

A Study of the Institutionalization of the U.S. Army in Korea during the Cold War: The Construction and Change of Living Spaces around Military Camp Towns (1966-1977)

BAEK, Eunyoung

01/15/17 - 07/15/17

Kyung Hee Cyber


Effects of Financial Education on Financial Capability of Elementary School Students: Comparison between the U.S. and Korean Students


BAE, Jonghyuk

09/15/17 - 09/14/18

Daegu District



The U.S. Investigation System on White-collar Crime Cases and Social Media's Response to the Investigation Results


Bong Hyun

08/01/17 - 07/31/18

Ministry of the Interior

How the Government can be the Good Communicator witPeople in this Digital Era

GIM, Namjin

11/21/16 - 12/31/17

The Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea

Various IT-Assisted Audit Techniques in the Public Sector

KIM, Daehyun

09/01/17 - 07/31/18

Public Servant's EthicCommission of Ansan

Judicial Accountability and JudiciaIndependence of the United States




Hee Sung

09/01/17 - 08/31/18




A Study on Using Motivations of MCN Contents Affecting Audience's Acceptance Behavior in USA


Hyang Yeon

01/01/17 - 12/31/17

Ministry of Justice

Comparative Research of Korea and US on Cartel Regulations and Legislation




KIM, Se Jin

08/21/17 - 08/20/18

Seoul Western DistricCourt

Research on the Family Law of the UniteStates




KIM, Seonsoon

04/31/17 - 03/31/18

Seoul Metropolitan


Ways to Visualize Seoul's RegionalEconomy through Utilizing Cultural Content Industry

KIM, Sik

09/01/17 - 08/31/18

The Joongang Ilbo

The Effect of Pro Sports Development on the Increase of Sport Participation




KIM, Woo

01/01/17 - 12/31/17

Ministry of Justice

How the American and Korean Judicial Authorities Deal with Corporation Crimes, Financial Crimes and Security Crimes




Hye Jung

08/01/17 - 01/31/18

Supreme Court

Study on Court's Role as a Guardain iDivorce and Child Expense in the U.S.

LEE, Hyunwoo

08/16/17 - 08/15/18

The Busan Ilbo

The Mobile Era and What it Means for News Reporters - Focused on News Reporting for Disasters



YUM, Soohyun

03/01/17 - 02/28/18

Korea Information Society Development Institute

Does the Mobile Phone Distribution System Amendment Act Benefit Korean Consumer?

CHANG, Hyewon

08/01/17 - 01/31/18

Ministry of NationaDefense

International Policy towards North KoreaThreat

HONG, Keumpyo

02/10/17 - 08/10/17

Supreme Court

Litigation Bureau

Comparative Research on the Trial at the Supreme Court between Korean and the United States


Seong Hoon

03/01/17 - 09/1/17

Korean Supreme Court

Antitrust Injunction under the U.S. Law and its Implication to Korean Competition Law

LEE, Seul A

01/01/17 - 06/30/17

Ministry of NationaDefense

Ways to Facilitate the Inflow of Outside Culture into North Korea for Regime Change

Published: Thursday, March 5, 2020