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Visiting Scholars and Associates, 2011-2012

Names, Institution and Research Topic of Visiting Scholars and Associates at the UCLA Center for Korean Studies, 2011-2012.

Visiting Period
Research Topic
Han, Jung Hwan


Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)

Comparative study on the Korean and American drama production system, focusing on planning and scriptwriting

Han, Kyung Taik 01/01/12-12/31/12 KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) Comparative study on the digital media strategy of terrestrial TV in United States & Korea
Hong, Young Wan 09/01/11-08/31/12 Will Books Publishing Co. A study on the exchanges of the publishing culture between Korea and the United States
Jahng, Yongbeum 03/01/12-02/28/13 Supreme Court of Korea A study on election law and administration systems for overseas voters, and on the procedures for misdemeanor and operating conditions
Kang, Dong Kun 02/01/12-01/31/13 Ministry of Justice Comparative study on compliance program as a regulation of corporate crimes in Korea and US
Kim, Hoon Seok 09/01/11-02/29/12 EBS(Educational Broadcating System) Compare TV documentary production styles in Korea and the United States, focusing on city-related topics.
Kim, Sea Jeong 08/01/11-07/31/12 Chungnam National University A study on the subjectivity and creative spirit of Korean Yang-ming Studies
Kim, Sung Tak 02/01/12-02/01/13 Joong-Ang Ilbo The difference in presidential election between U.S. and Korea
Kwon, Hee 09/01/11-08/31/12 Supreme Court of Korea Research on U.S. civil procedure law
Kwon, Heon Chul 09/01/11-09/01/12 Korea National Defense University US influences on Korean society
Lee, Hyeong Kwon 02/15/12-08/15/12 Chungnam National University A Study of the Korean in the Poetry of the L.A. Area Based Korean Americans
Lee, Jae Sang 12/22/11-12/21/12 KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) Research on the American film and television production system, and its entertainment marketing
Lee, Soyoung 07/01/11-12/31/11 Northeast-Asia Policy Institute (NAPI) Research on the resettling condition of North Korea refugees in the U.S.A

Lee, Sujin


Supreme Court, Republic of Korea

A study on the American bankruptcy system.

Lee, Sunwoo 09/01/11-08/30/12 Korea University A development plan for Korean Language Teaching Materials for Koreans residing in the U.S. (Focus on Educational Contents by Age Group)
Nam, Gi-Taek 08/15/11-08/14/12 Kangwon National University A study on the theory and practice of Korean regional literature
Park, Jay Hyun 01/12/12 - 01/11/14 Gyeongnam Province Government Comparative study of local government systems between the United States and Korea, focusing on local governments’ public fundraising
Woo, Mijun 09/20/11-03/09/12 Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Research on the strategy plan of Korean cultural contents' oversea expansion
Yoon, Sang Hyuk 01/01/12-06/30/12 Ministry of Unification Strategic use of mass media and Social Network Service (SNS) to change the political regime of North Korea


Published: Monday, October 3, 2011