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Ivan  Ferraz

Visiting Graduate Researcher
Bunche Hall, Rm 10343
Keywords: Politics, Environment

Ivan Ferraz is a Ph.D. student at the Institute of International Relations, University of São Paulo, Brazil. Ivan's investigation posits the intricate interplay between ecological, economic, political, history of science, and ideological considerations within the broader North-South discourse during the United Nations Stockholm Conference of 1972. Central to his inquiry is a nuanced appraisal of Brazilian Military, foreign policy vis-à-vis the Stockholm Conference, accentuating the international censure directed towards Brazil's domestic environmental strategies.

Ivan intends to augment his research by delving into the archives of the Nixon Administration, housed at the President Nixon Archives in Yorba Linda, California, during his doctoral stay at the Latin American Institute. During his leisure time, Ivan enjoys savoring contemporary vegetarian cuisine and exploring nature-based solutions.