Journal of Latin American Lore

Journal of Latin American Lore

Articles appearing in JLAL focus on the diverse cultural manifestations of Latin American societies, and probe for culture-specific meaning. This kind of lore is associated with the records of ancient civilizations, indigenous groups, peasant communities, and with both the elite and popular sectors of modern urban society.

Established in 1975, JLAL has published studies on archaeology, ethnology, anthropology, art, iconography, history, politics, linguistics, mythology, natural science, literature, film, theater, and popular culture.

Current (Volume 22, Number 2) $25.00

Integrating Politics and Cosmology: The History of Radial Pyramids at Quiriguá
Matthew Looper

The Cult of the Dead and the Subversion of State Justice in Moxos, Lowland Bolivia
Akira Saito

In the Book of Matthew Thus Spake John: Tzotzil Discourse
Robert M. Laughlin

La Virgen, las enfermedades y los espíritus: Pluralismo médico y romerías indígenas a El Quinche, Ecuador
Bernhard Wörrle

Tell Me, Maiden:The Maya Adaptation of a European Riddle Sequence
Amy George-Hirons

Last Issue (Volume 22, Number 1) $25.00

Savage Other or Noble Ancestor? The Ch'olwinq of Q'eqchi' Maya Folklore
Jon Schackt

Anacondas from Nature to Culture in Quechua Myths and Narratives
Janis B. Nuckolls

Cupisnique Iconography: Ideology and Its Manifestations in an Ancient Andean Culture
Kayoko Toshihara

Constructing a Supernatural Landscape through Talk: Creation and Recreation in the Central Amazon of Brazil
Janet Chernela and Patricia Pinho

Music and Female Imagery in the Candomblé Religion of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Clarence Bernard Henry


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