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Interdepartmental Programs

Interdepartmental degrees offered through the UCLA International Institute allow students to focus on a particular area of study - either a specific geographic area, or a global comparative and issue-oriented approach - through a variety of disciplines.

Graduate Programs
African Studies IDP
- African Studies M.A.

East Asian Studies IDP
- East Asian Studies M.A.

Islamic Studies IDP
- Islamic Studies M.A. Program - Islamic Studies Ph.D. Program

Latin American Studies IDP
- Latin American Studies M.A.

Undergraduate Programs
International Development Studies IDP
- International Development Studies Major

Global Studies IDP
- Global Studies Major - Global Studies Minor

International & Area Studies IDP
Majors - African & Middle Eastern Studies Major - Asian Studies Major - European Studies Major - Latin America Studies Major Minors - African Studies Minor - African & Middle Eastern Studies Minor - European Studies Minor - South Asian Studies Minor - Southeast Asian Studies Minor - Latin America Studies Minor

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