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The most recent gift of the UCLA alumnus and professor emeritus of surgery brings his total contributions to the Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies to over $6 million.Read more
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The environmental protection institute will give UCLA a permanent presence in Cameroon....
Graduates of the Academic Programs of the UCLA International Institute attended the Institute’s commencement ceremony...
The UCLA geographer is director of the Canadian Studies Program and a faculty member...
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Palmyra, Syria

Ruins in Palmyra, Syria, an ancient city seized by ISIS forces on May 20, 2015. (Photo: Maurizio Maccaferri on Flickr, 2007; cropped). CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.
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    The Asia Institute was founded in 2000 as a consortium of UCLA's principal Asian-focused research centers and programs. The Asia Institute promotes Asian Studies at UCLA and fosters greater understanding of Asia through a wide
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    Welcome to the UCLA Center for Korean Studies. The Center was established in 1993 to coordinate development of UCLA's burgeoning programs in this field of research. Despite its short history, the Center now presides over
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    As U.S. ties with Asia become increasingly important and as East and Southeast Asian immigrants, many of whom are practicing Buddhists, come to rival other minorities in size and influence, the need grows for specialists
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    The National Heritage Language Resource Center is one of 15 Language Resource Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The Center's mission is to develop effective pedagogical approaches to teaching heritage language learners, first
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    The Center for World Languages is a research and development unit of the UCLA International Institute and the Humanities Division of the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences. The Center brings together the University's extensive
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