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Spatial Study with China Geo-Explorers: New Information, New Technology and New Directions

Dr. Shuming Bao is the director of the China Data Center at the University of Michigan

Friday, April 12, 2013
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
23167 Young Research Library
West Electronic Library

Within the last ten years, the UM China Data Center has made lots of efforts in the development and distribution of government statistics, Census data, and GIS data of China. Those information provide a rich source for the study of population, economy, social environment and their relative changes in China. It has been a challenge how to efficiently integrate those space-time data, provide methodology for different research targets, and promote their applications in different fields. This presentation will present the recent development of spatial intelligence service for spatial data integration, data analysis, as well as their applications for China studies. The presentation will introduce the newly developed spatial data explorers (China Geo-Explorer, Spatial Explorer of Religion, Urban and Regional Explorer) distributed by the University of Michigan China Data Center. It will demonstrate how space-time data of different formats and sources can be integrated, visualized, analyzed and reported in a web based system. Some applications in population and regional development, disaster assessment, environment and health, cultural and religious studies, and household surveys will be discussed for China and global studies.

Dr. Shuming Bao is the director of the China Data Center at the University of Michigan.

Sponsor(s): Center for Chinese Studies, Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library

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