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Pinkwashing: Gay Rights and Queer Indigeneities

A lecture by Professor Nada Elia, Gender and Global Studies Department, Antioch University, Seattle

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
1:00 PM
1301 Rolfe Hall

Colonialism and dishonesty go hand in hand. Nineteenth and twentieth century colonial powers sought to justify their imperial designs through a myopic denunciation of the circumstances of women in the colonized societies. These imperial countries pretended to "save brown women from brown men," as they dispossessed and disenfranchised entire peoples. Twenty-first century colonialism has evolved to justify occupation and apartheid as a new and improved "civilizing mission," one that distinguishes itself as gay-friendly, while the downtrodden societies are represented as homophobic. On the other hand, Palestinian queer activism, and the grassroots Palestinian strategy of BDS, which seek to achieve equality for all people regardless of their ethnicity, sexuality, or religion, present the model for a queer state, which allows individual citizens to define themselves as they wish, without losing power, entitlement, or safety.

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Sponsor(s): , Department of Gender Studies, with support from the Gender Studies Graduate Council, the Center for Near East Studies Graduate Council and the Department of Sociology Gender Working Group.

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