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CAW: African-Americans in the USSR

Tuesday, March 05, 2013
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
10367 Bunche Hall

Several high-profile visits to the Soviet Union made by African American artists, writers, and intellectuals in the 1930's will be discussed. The best-known of such visits was made by Harlem renaissance poet Langston Hughes. Hughes was particularly intrigued by Central Asia, which he described as the Soviet Union's  "dusty, colored, cotton-growing South." What parallels can be drawn between the Black experience in the United States and Central Asians' experiences of colonization and, later, Sovietization? How might Soviet ideologues' interpretation of race relations in the United States have figured into nationality policy in the USSR? Or Soviet attitudes about race in general? What was the agenda behind these unusual visits?


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Langston Hughes, "A Negro Looks at Soviet Central Asia." Series of articles originally written for Izvestiia.  Reprinted in The Collected Works of Langston Hughes v. 9,  edited by Christopher C. DeSanti (2002).  pp. 71-105. 


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